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Halloween Adhesive Bundle

The Halloween Adhesive Bundle is perfect for all your SPOOKTACULAR projects! The bundle offers a mix of Oracal 651, glow-in-the-dark, and printed pattern adhesive vinyl! Have fun adding a flair of SCARE to all your blanks! 

Oracal 651 - Pastel Orange 12"x12"

 Oracal 651 - Purple 12"x12"

 Oracal 651 - Signal Yellow 12"x12"

 Oracal 651 -  White 12"x12"

 Oracal 651 - Black 12"x12"

 Oracal 651 - Pink 12"x12"

 Oracal 651 - Silver 12"x12"

 Oracal 651 - Dark Green 12"x12"

 Glow-In-The-Dark Adhesive Vinyl Sheet - 12"x12"

 (4) Halloween Inspired Printed Adhesive Patterns - 12"x12" (print designs may vary)

Halloween HTV Bundle

Get ready for Halloween with custom shirts and more with this Halloween Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) bundle. Includes a variety of CAD-CUT specialty vinyl, Siser Easyweed and our themed printed HTV patterns. 

  CAD-CUT Hologram - Orange 12"x20"

  CAD-CUT Metallic - Hot Pink 12"x20"

  CAD-CUT Glitter Flake HTV - Brown Sugar 12"x12"

  Siser Easyweed - Orange Soda 12"x12"

  Siser Easyweed - Green 12"x12"

  Siser Easyweed Electric - Frosted Blueberry 12"x12"  

  (3) Halloween Inspired Printed HTV Pattern - 12"x12" (print designs may vary)

  High Tack Mask for HTV Printed Pattern