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Siser TTD EasyMask

Sheet Size: 8.4" x 11"

Siser TTD Easy Mask is an easy-to-use clear mask that allows you to accurately place the image on the garment and also releases favorably after heat application. It is compaitble with Siser's ColorPrint™ & EasyColor DTV materials and Clean Cut Graphics' HTV Pattern Vinyl.


  • Cut a piece of mask slightly wider than the image to cover.
  • Remove the paper backing from the mask and set aside.
  • Adhesive side up, place the mask down on a smooth, firm surface.
  • With the image facing down, center it over the mask letting the middle drop down onto the adhesive, followed by the rest of the image.
  • Place your squeegee at a 45° angle over the center of the image. Using firm pressure, push the squeegee towards the outer edge of the image. This removes any trapped air creating a bond between the image and the mask.
  • Repeat this process in several directions.
  • Lift a corner of the mask, use a steady motion to seperate the mask from the image.
  • Place the transfered image back on the shiny side of the origianl masking paper you had set aside.