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Transfer Tape - Clear roll 12" x 30' roll

The Clear transfer tape was designed to make transferring vinyl designs to project surfaces super easy. The tape will hold great during transfer and peels away cleanly, leaving no residue.  This is a medium-high tack transfer tape used for a multitude of projects and is used daily for most any crafting project you come across. This tape can be used on any adhesive vinyl including removable indoor vinyl.

Application Instructions

  1. Once your adhesive vinyl design has been cut and weeded place it on a solid smooth surface
  2. Carefully place the transfer tape over the vinyl design and burnish using our CCG squeegee from the center out to get the transfer tape to lay flat
  3. There should be no wrinkles in either your vinyl or transfer tape.
  4. Flip over and pull the backing off at at least a 45 degree angle exposing your adhesive vinyl.
  5. Now carefully place your design on your project and burnish with our CCG squeegee.
  6. Once burnished pull transfer tape off by peeling it back literally onto itself, starting in one corner and pulling to the opposite corner.