Heat Press Pillows

Clean Cut GraphicsSKU: E37_PressPillow_5x18

Size: 5" x 18"
Sale price$18.26


Quality made PTFE heat press pillow.

Want professional results each and every time??? Use quality supplies!

Non -stick Reusable many many times over

Use with zippers, rhinestones, buttons or larger heavy seems (hoodies) to get even heat and pressure on your transfer or vinyl

Use also as inserts for very thin material, mesh and reversible jerseys.

We hear all the time how you can do this cheaper and that cheaper. Time is money which a lot of the crafter community under values and really is losing money with each order. Save your time to get new customers and grow your business.You can dig a pool out with a shovel but a backhoe will be better, easier, quicker and save you money on doctors visits.Get the right tool for the job. :)

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