Oracal 631 12" x 5 yard rolls

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Oracal 631 5-Yard Roll

Oracal 631 Exhibition Cal is the most used indoor vinyl for the crafting community. It is a 3 mil thick calendared vinyl with a life span of 3 years. It is used for short-to medium-term applications indoors, particularly on painted drywall surfaces.  The adhesive used is clear, water based and removable.  Oracal 631 comes in a matte finish to suppress reflections.

Surfaces to which the material will be applied must be thoroughly cleaned from dust, grease or any contamination which could affect the adhesion of the material. Freshly lacquered or painted surfaces should be completely cured. 

Extra precaution should be used when applying wall graphics to “Low VOC” or “Zero VOC” paints as these paints may exhibit lower adhesion levels.

Allowing graphics extended time after application before removing application tape allows adhesive further time to create a full bond (up to 24 hours).

Cutter Instructions


Blade: Standard
Setting: Vinyl+

Silhouette Cameo:

Blade: Standard, 2
Setting: Vinyl, Glossy
Speed: 7
Thickness: 5

Scan N Cut:

Blade: 3
Cut Speed: 3
Cut Pressure: 2


Blade: 45°
Gram Force: 16
Tool: CB09U+0
Speed: 25 cm/s

Application Instructions

• Squeegee transfer mask over weeded design
• Remove white backing (design will stick to transfer mask)
• Squeegee design onto clean surface, ensuring all bubbles are pushed out
• Remove transfer mask

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