Patriotic Bundles

4th of July will be here before you know it. What better way to celebrate than with some fantastic patriotic items that you can make for yourself and your friends? These are the bundles you've all been waiting for to have the entire family ready for your Independence Day festivities! 

Firecracker Adhesive Bundle

The Firecracker Bundle is perfect for all your adhesive projects! The bundle offers a mix of shades from Red, White and Blue Oracal 651 along with our Oratape and our BRAND NEW Adhesive Pattern, that was inspired just for this bundle! Have fun adding a flair of adhesive to all your blanks! 

Oracal 651 - Light Red 12"x12"

 Oracal 651 - Dark Red 12"x12"

 Oracal 651 - Red 12"x12"

 Oracal 651 - White Matte 12"x12"

 Oracal 651 - White 12"x12"

 Oracal 651 - Brilliant Blue 12"x12"

 Oracal 651 - King Blue 12"x12"

 Oracal 651 - Steel Blue 12"x12"

 Oratape Transfer Tape - 12"x12"

 Red, White, Blue Stripes Adhesive Pattern 12"x12"

Dynamite Bundle

There's nothing like watching colorful, loud explosions light up in the sky all in honor of the land of the free and the home of the brave. Get ready to add some Americana flare to your next project with our premium adhesive and HTV that's in this Dynamite Bundle!

  Siser Brick - Red 12"x20"

  Easyweed - White 11.8"x15"

  Thermoflex plus - Reflux Blue 12"x15"

  Cad-Cut Glitter Flake - True Blue 12"x24"

  Cad-Cut Hologram HTV - Red 12"x20"

  Cad-Cut Hologram HTV - Blue 12"x20"

  Siser Holographic HTV - Gold Crystal 12"x20"

  American Flag HTV Pattern 12"x12"

  Oracal 651 - White Matte 12"x12"

  Oracal 651 - Light Red 12"x12"

  Oracal 651 - Traffic Blue 12"x12"

  Bomb Pop Adhesive Pattern 12"x12"  

The Big Bang Bundle

The ULTIMATE Big Bang Bundle is here and it's what you've all been waiting for! This bundle gives you all the patriotic feels! Your creations will sparkle red, white and blue with these premium brand vinyls. 

Easyweed 5ft - Royal Blue

 Easyweed 5ft - Red

 Easyweed 5ft - White

 Easyweed Electric - Red 11.8"x12"

 Easyweed Electric - Blue 11.8x12"

 Easyweed - White 11.8"x15"

 Easyweed Stretch - Gold 11.8"x12"

 Cad-Cut Glitter Flake - Royal Blue 12"x24"

 Cad-Cut Glitter Flake - Red 12"x24"

 Cad-Cut Flock II - White 12"x20"

 Cad-Cut Metallic - Gold 12"x20" 

 Premium Plus - Red 12"x19"

 Grunge Flag HTV Pattern 12"x12"

 Ombre America HTV Pattern 12"x12"

 3G Opaque Inkjet Printable Paper for Dark Garments

 Oracal 651 - Brilliant Blue 12"x12"

 Oracal 651 - Steel Blue 12"x12"

 Oracal 651 - White Matte 12x12"

 Oracal 651 - Light Red 12"x12"

 Metallic Adhesive - Cherry 12"x12"

 4th of July Grilling Adhesive Pattern 12"x12"

 2 Drink Holders