Thank you for trying out a brand new product that we are now offering… DTF, Direct to Film Transfers. Hopefully you can use some of this information.

Use The CCG Online Designer to upload or create your own designs to be printed and ready to press! https://cleancutgraphics.com/collections/dtf

DTF = Direct to Film,  Design to Film. 

Gang Sheet = Think of it as the canvas size where you can put any design you want and it will be printed exactly as you have it.

clean cut graphics gang sheet with valentines designs👈Is a gang sheet.  The size was 22” x 36”.  I made that canvas size in my design program and filled it with all the graphics I could fit to not waste space. Make sure everything fits with a bit of a margin for processing.

*Hint - Leave space for cutting the design out in a rectangle or close to it - I find it easier to press that way. 

Image Quality = 300 DPI Png image with a transparent background and sized as you desire.  If you want good results use good artwork.   A normal “screenshot” is 72 or 96 DPI and will be pixelated terribly when printed using DTF.

Raster Image = Images that are built using pixels. Photographs along with pretty much anything that is printed. Ex. Png, jpg files are raster images.

Vector Image = Image created using math from one point to another, regardless of size. These are preferred images to scale as there is no loss of detail.

RIP Software = Raster Image Processing Software.  In short, images ready for print are sent through RIP software in order to make the printer understand what exactly to print. It puts it in language the printer understands and can be complex. There are many detailed controls in RIP software that can be adjusted. 

DPI = Dots Per inch.  This is the resolution of a raster image. Displayed by how many pixels are lined up side by side (a linear inch) in your design. 300 DPI = 300 Pixels side by side filled with the color or empty (transparent background.) 

clean cut graphics instructions for DTF transfers

***  If Original Raster Image is 72 dpi, so 72 pixels have a color assigned to them. If you make the image larger it will just spread out those 72 pixels with an assigned color and leave empty pixels between, making it look blurry.

clean cut graphics explaining 72 dpi to 300 dpi of a bird image


DTF Pressing Instructions:

  • Heat Press is Required for best results
  • Prepress garment for 3-4 seconds
  • Align transfer
  • Press @ 315° for 10-15 Seconds.
  • COLD Peel - Allow to cool to room temperature and remove film.
  • Use a cover sheet and repress for 5 seconds
  • Wait 24 hours before washing or stretching.

clean cut graphics ordering instructions for DTF


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