StripFlock Pro By The Foot (5ft Minimum)


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StripFlock Pro HTV Custom Length Roll 

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Simply select your color, how many feet you would like your roll to be and add to cart.  It is that simple to save at the very least $4.50 over the sheet price by purchasing a roll.

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12" wide and any length over 5 feet


Minimum 5 feet same color required.  By ordering this product you understand these are custom cut and may take an additional 1-2 days over our normal processing times for your order to be processed and shipped or ready for pickup. 

Cutter Settings are suggested starting points and may need adjustment. Always test cut prior to production to ensure optimal cut settings are selected. A line thickness of at least 1/16" for lettering & logos is recommended.


Blade: Deep Cut

Setting: Vinyl+



Silhouette Cameo

Blade: Deep Cut

Speed: 5

Thickness: 33





Blade: 45°

Speed: 25mm/s

Force: 12



Roland GS-24

Blade: 45°

Force: 80gf

Offset: .250mm

Speed: 30mm/s




Application Settings

  • Time: 15 seconds
  • Temperature: 311°F/155°C
  • Pressure: 55psi; Medium/Heavy
  • Peel: Warm/Cool

Material/Fabric Compatibility

  • 100% Cotton
  • 100% Polyester
  • Cotton/Poly Blends