DTF Custom Single Prints

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DTF Custom Single Sheets

DTF transfers offer a versatile and efficient solution for transferring designs onto various fabrics and surfaces. DTF, or Direct-to-Film, is a printing method that allows for high-quality and vibrant transfers. 

Introducing our DTF Transfers - the perfect way to bring your designs to life on fabrics and other surfaces! These gang sheets are designed for convenience and efficiency in transferring your creative visions.

1. **High-Quality Printing:** Our DTF transfers ensure sharp, vibrant, and detailed prints, capturing the essence of your designs with precision.

2. **Versatility:** Suitable for a wide range of fabrics, these transfers provide flexibility for various applications, including apparel, accessories, and more.

3. **Convenient Gang Sheet Format:** The gang sheet layout allows you to maximize your printing capabilities, accommodating multiple designs on a single sheet for cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

4. **Easy Application:** Applying the transfers is a breeze, ensuring a smooth and seamless process for both beginners and experienced users.

5. **Durable and Long-Lasting:** The transferred designs exhibit excellent durability, maintaining their quality even after multiple washes and extended use.

6. **Professional Results:** Achieve professional-grade results with our DTF transfers, making your creations stand out with vivid colors and intricate details.

Whether you're in the world of fashion, crafting, or promotional products, our DTF gang sheet transfers are the perfect choice for elevating your designs and bringing them to life in a hassle-free manner. Unleash your creativity and make a lasting impression with the exceptional quality of our DTF transfers!

CCG will NOT edit your designs including resizing and background removal in any way. 

Image Quality Guidelines:

  • Original image must be minimum 300 dpi and in PNG, SVG or JPEG format.
  • Note: enlarging a 300dpi image (i.e. from 3" to 9") and exporting it may cause pixelation and quality issues.
  • Color shifts can occur when converting to CMYK for DTF printing.
  • Do not mirror your image, and please use transparent or removed backgrounds (unless you want the background printed).
  • We recommend a minimum of 7.5px/0.25" for small fonts or thin lines to ensure the ink and powder is applied properly.
  • Avoid neon glow, gradients, and soft edges. DTF printers can have issues printing these designs accurately.
  • We print what we receive. Spelling, placement, sizing, and image quality will not be fixed by our team.

Pressing Instructions:

315° medium pressure for 10-15 seconds, PEEL COLD, repress for 5 seconds.

** MULTIPLE SINGLE PRINT DESIGNS - If you have multiple designs on your order it MAY be picked up or shipped out in a full 30" roll in order to help speed up turn around times. Your understanding is appreciated.

**Please note that for our DTF prints, a small single line of ink may be printed outside of the image or gang sheet size. This line is intended to aid in identifying your specific design on your order quickly and efficiently.

Upon receiving your prints, please be aware that you will need to cut this line off your design and discard it before pressing. Kindly note that we do not remove these lines before pickup or shipping.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we strive to enhance our turnaround times.

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