How To Redeem Rewards Points On The Clean Cut Graphics Website


Step 1: Locate the gift box icon on the bottom left-hand corner of the website.

CCG Homepage Showing Location Of Rewards Button

Step 2: If this is your first time shopping with us online, it will ask you to create an online account. Press the “Join Now” button which will direct you to a page to create your online account and set your password.

IMPORTANT: If you have created a rewards account with us in-store, you must use the same email address when creating your online account. This is essential for making sure your online account syncs up & connects to your existing rewards account. 

Rewards Box with Join Now/Create Account Button

If you have already done this, click on the “Sign In” button instead.

Step 3: Once you are successfully signed in, return to the gift box on the bottom left-hand corner and instead of a “Join Now/Sign-In” button, it should display your points.

Rewards Box Displaying Points When Signed In


Step 4: If you have a $5-$20 reward and want to use it for an online purchase, it should give you the option to hit a “Redeem” button.

Rewards Box Displaying A $5 Reward

Step 5. The next screen will display a unique code similar to this: $5OFF-f17e1974e6 Simply hit the “Apply Now” button and it will automatically apply at checkout. You can also copy & paste it into the Gift Card/Discount Code box if necessary.

Rewards Points Applied To Checkout

IMPORTANT: If you are planning to redeem points in-store (instead of online) then DO NOT press the “Redeem” button. The cashier will do this instead when loading your rewards account at the register.



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Monique Holloway

Monique Holloway

Thank you for always having what I need and always being so helpful every time I visit the store.

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