How To Use She Shed Vinyl's Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Paper

How To Use She Shed Vinyl's Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Paper

She Shed Vinyl's Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper is a great choice if you're looking to print images & designs onto shirts. It works with any inkjet printer and produces vibrant colors that are compatible with both light & dark garments. It's perfect for graduations, family reunions, and memorial shirts. 

She Shed Vinyl's Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Paper can work on Dark Garments as well as Light Garments as shown in this example.


What You'll Need



Choose an image that you want to cut out in your design software. For best results, make sure the image you're working with is of good quality. Smaller photos that are less than 450px may appear pixelated or blurry. Make sure your design is not mirrored, as you will be cutting right-side-up. For best results, follow the print & cut procedures as instructed by the software that comes with your cutting machine and print your image from that software. While we don't recommend it, you can also print the image from your computer without such software, but you would need to cut the image out manually with scissors or other hand cutting tools.

Note: This product is only compatible with inkjet printers. Laserjet printers or any other printers are not recommended.


Once it prints out, place the sheet on your mat, and set your cutting machine to proper settings, then press the "Cut" button for your machine to start cutting. Again, you can also cut out the image manually with scissors or other hand cutting tools, but we do not recommend this.


Cut Settings


Blade: Standard
Setting: Iron-on

Silhouette Cameo:

Blade: Standard, 3
Setting: Heat Transfer Material (smooth)
Speed: 8
Thickness: 6

Scan N Cut:

Blade: 2
Cut Speed: 1
Cut Pressure: 1

Roland GS/GX-24:

Blade: 45°
Gram Force: 80-90
Offset: .250
Speed: 25-50 cm/s


Blade: 45°
Gram Force: 8-9
Tool: CB09U+0
Speed: 30 cm/s


A Cricut machine is shown scanning the edges of the image printed on She Shed Vinyl's Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Paper.

In this example, a Cricut machine uses a small light to find the edges of the photo before cutting.


A Cricut machine is shown cutting around the image on She Shed Vinyl's Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Paper.

Then, it cuts precisely around the image.



If you've cut your sheet on the proper settings, you should have no issues weeding with She Shed Vinyl. Simply use your Pen Weeder, Siser EasyWeeder, or other weeding tool of your choice to weed away the excess material. We always recommend starting at a corner to start your weeding. Then after the excess material is removed, you can peel off your image from the backing sheet to place onto your shirt. The sheet is very delicate, so be very careful peeling it up to avoid tearing.


 A woman is shown peeling away her cut-out image from the sheet of She Shed Vinyl's Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Paper



After you have finished weeding, it's time to press your vinyl onto a shirt/garment of your choice. For best results, a heat press is recommended, however a home iron can also be used. You'll want to set your heat press to 350° F (177° C). Place the shirt on your heat press with the design facing up. One trick we use is to fold the garment in half and do a quick press to help us line up our design on our shirt so that it's always right in the middle. 

Press your shirt for 30 seconds using heavy pressure. Once the 30 seconds are up, remove the shirt from your heat press and set it in a cool dry place. There is no carrier sheet with this Inkjet Printable product, so once it has cooled, the shirt is a finished product. 

An image showing a finished T-Shirt made from She Shed Vinyl's Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Paper


Check our video tutorial: 


Where To Buy

Clean Cut Graphics is proud to be the exclusive retailer of She Shed Vinyl's Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Paper. You can purchase it from our website or by visiting our retail store located in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. We are a veteran-owned & operated shop offering a great selection of HTV & Adhesive vinyl along with apparel and other great products!

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