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Siser® Sublimation Markers

Are you ready to move your works of art from paper to product? Now you can with Siser Sublimation Markers! Created with patented sublimation inks so each application is a science experiment of sorts. Simply draw on plain copy paper and apply with heat to see the colors transform from faded to fabulous as you permanently transfer your doodle to oodles of compatible products! Available in a variety of classic colors, Siser Sublimation Markers are just waiting for your creativity to take hold. Siser Sublimation Markers are designated for adult use only and are not intended to be used on skin. Adult supervision is strongly recommended if children are using these markers.   

  • 6 chisel tip markers
  • Compatible with light-colored polyester, Siser EasySubli Heat Transfer Vinyl, and most sublimation blanks.
  • Can be applied with a heat press, EasyPress, home iron and other forms of heat.


Application Instructions:

Use Printer or Copy Paper
Draw Designs Mirrored
Let Saturated Ink Dry
Sublimation Paper Not Recommended
370°F / 187°C
45 seconds
Wait 24 hours before washing

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