A woman holds up two sublimation marker packs: The Primary Colors pack and a Pastel Colors pack under a title that reads "Siser Sublimation Markers!"

How To Use Siser Sublimation Markers

Recently, our good friends at Siser introduced their brand-new Sublimation Markers to much fanfare. They debuted three marker packs: the Primary Color Pack, the Pastel Color Pack, and the Black Pack which features three different chisel tips. Siser's patented ink formula allows artists young & old to show off their drawing skills & handwriting with markers that sublimate onto T-Shirts and other polyester materials. No cutting machine, no expensive ink, and no expensive printer are necessary! So today, we're going to show you just how fun these markers really are!


What You'll Need

  • 1 pack of Sublimation Markers
  • 1 sheet of regular Printer Copy paper
  • 1 White 100% Polyester T-Shirt
  • Heat Press or home iron
  • Your imagination!



Whether you're a good artist or not, there's plenty of ways that sublimation markers can be used. For those with excellent drawing skills, the process is pretty straight-forward: Simply draw the design of your choice onto the printer copy paper. However, if you are not necessarily gifted with such artistic skills, tracing is also an option. Tracing from printed pictures or even coloring books can help create the design of your choice. One important question that is always asked is whether Siser's markers can be used with their Cricut machine. We have found that (with some modification) the possibility does exist. For our machine, we had to wrap some masking tape around the marker to fit into the marker slot on the Cricut machine for more snug fit.


One important thing to note is that all designs must be mirrored, which means if your drawing has letters, you'll need to write backwards. One easy trick for accomplishing this is to write the letters regularly in a black permanent marker on a separate sheet of paper, flip it over, and then trace it over with the sublimation markers.


 A handy trick shows how to write backwards with our sublimation markers: On a separate sheet of paper, write regularly with a black permanent marker, then flip it over, and trace with the sublimation markers


Pressing It Onto Your Shirt

Once your drawing has dried, it is time to press it onto your T-Shirt. We strongly recommend using 100% polyester T-Shirts for best results. Anything less than 100% and you'll start running into some issues. For example, if you are using a 50/50 Cotton-Poly blend shirt, the sublimation dye will only remain on HALF of the threads because it will not stick to the cotton, resulting in a more faded look after the first wash. You can use heat tape to secure your drawing onto the shirt to avoid smearing as a result of movement.


A side-by-side comparison showing the difference between using Siser Sublimation Markers on a 50/50 Cotton-Poly Blend T-Shirt (left) as opposed to a 100% Polyester T-Shirt (right).


If you are using a heat press, your settings will be 370° F (or 188° Celsius) for 45 seconds with firm pressure and a hot peel. If you are using a home iron, however, your settings will be Linen (or highest setting) for 3 minutes using firm pressure, and also a hot peel.

Important Tip: If you are using a home iron, make sure all of the water is drained before using it with sublimation markers.


Sublimation Markers On Vinyl

Don't want to be limited to white polyester T-Shirts? One way around this would be to use sublimation markers on vinyl, which can then be pressed onto any fabric or color you desire. Popular choices include White Glitter HTV, Holographic HTV, Glow In The Dark HTV, and EasyPSV Holographic Adhesive Vinyl for decals & stickers. With Siser Sublimation Markers, the possibilities are endless!


Where To Buy

If you're looking for a great place to buy Siser Sublimation Markers or any other Sublimation products, look no further than Clean Cut Graphics. We are a veteran-owned & operated company in the United States that ships vinyl all around the world. You can also shop at our physical retail store located in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. 


Watch our YouTube tutorial for Siser Sublimation Markers:

 Siser Sublimation Markers Instructional Tutorial Sheet shows you how to use the markers with heat settings and more


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